Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook in 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of facebook
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Do you know about the Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you here the major Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook.

Because of approx 24.60B people monthly Facebook. But they don’t know about the benefits and loss of Facebook.

You know about it very well that since 2004 facebook has become the most popular social networking site. And this site has brought revolution in social media.

And most of the people in the world are using Facebook and also they spend much more time on facebook.

Because it is the medium that connects the people and also saves the relationship on Facebook.

But there is some advantage of facebook then also exists some disadvantages of facebook.

So I will tell here some advantages and disadvantages of facebook in points.

What are the advantages of Facebook? you can find the answer to this question.

Let’s get started-

10 Major Advantages and Benefits  of Facebook

advantage of facebook
advantage of facebook

1. Keep relationship strong

Facebook is a great invention for saving a relationship strong. These days, Everybody is coming to facebook gradually.

And they sending a friend request to that person who is close to him/her.

There is also an advantage for students because they are sending a friend request to a friend who is on facebook and also who is lost after school. They are making friendships again on facebook.

And also you can connect to the world. Facebook has no limitation or border to any country. You can connect to any person who is from another country. And you can make friends with foreigners also.

And keep sharing knowledge about their country or people.

And also it is an incredible work that did Facebook.

That’s amazing.

2. Develop or updated with News

Facebook is a major part of social media and also huge traffic every month on Facebook. People can take advantage of facebook that they can know news from their particular area or the whole world.

Because if you have made friends from the whole world then you can get knowledge of the news of the whole world.

Also, you can develop or update your knowledge from the news on facebook.

What is happening in your area or country? your friends share news on their profile. then you can read this news and you can update it with the news.

Or if you have joined newsgroup or their pages then also you can be updated with news. This is also a major advantage of facebook and these credits also go to Facebook.

Let’s go to the next step to know the benefits or pros of facebook 

3.Calling and messaging

This is also a big revolution which has made by facebook.

If you are using Facebook then also know about facebook messenger where you can message or call your friend privately.

You can message your friend in two ways 

1. You can comment on your friend’s post -but it will be publicly everybody can see your further comment as message what you have talked to your friends

2-You can use Facebook messenger – But this is privet chatting dashboard where you can chat in audio and Video Also.

Nobody else can watch your message or audio chat or video without your permission.

But you should have an internet connection.

Also, this is a very big advantage of Facebook and also you can say it incredible invention in social media.

Let’s go to the next step-

4.Explore your creativity or skills

Many people know that if you have talent or skills or creativity then you have many options to explore yourself and your skill.

If you are very good at any skill then you can post your skill to the world so that everybody can know that you have a skill and you are a genius about this.

Or if you have any deficiency in your skill people give you feedback and such that you can improve yourself and your skill.

If anybody needs a skilled person and you are that one then you can be hired by that person and also you can earn money from facebook.

 So you can explore your skill on facebook instead of posting a stupid picture. Such that you can give a chance to achieve a goal for your career.

Let’s go to another benefit which can give you very surprised gifts.

5.The business purpose or Be a Brand

Do you have any business which can be small or big?

Then, this can be very useful for you. IF you have started a new business and you have no customer then you can take advantage of Facebook.

You can promote your business on Facebook so that people can know you have started a business or people can come to you.

And such your business can be expanded. The customer will come to you.

 For that, you can create a group of that person who belongs to your area or location of your business area and also you can create a facebook page where you can promote your business.

Or if you have some money then you can use facebook ads. You can create a campaign on facebook. And select the area where you want to display your Facebook ads.

Or if you want to make money then you can make money from home then must read this post-how to make money from home? 

It helps you to make money online from home then you can earn some extra money for that facebook campaign or your business.

Thus you can expand your business or you can make your business as a brand on Facebook.

This can be one of the parts of digital marketing.

So create pages or groups on Facebook and give a boost up your business.


You can make a portfolio also on facebook. Because in this digital world you can take advantage of Facebook.

If you want to get a job online then you have to create a portfolio on facebook. 

There is a lot of groups present on facebook which provides a lot of online jobs so you can search and if matching your profile to their job then you can send them a job proposal.

Or you can search on the internet for a job and you also you can send them a portfolio as a resume.

So it is very important for jobs.


Its a platform of entertainment also. Here you can find many entertainment groups and pages also where entertainment videos are published day by day.

People have uploaded entertainment videos on youtube and facebook also. And they are generating money from uploading or publishing video on facebook.

It’s also such a platform where you can make money like youtube.

Many entertainment channels have created facebook pages and post their entertainment videos and you can watch their video as a purpose of entertainment on facebook.

8.Sharing Information
8.Sharing Information

Many people are using this as an informative platform. They post such informative pictures on facebook what is happening in their life.

And also sharing event information in their post.

On Facebook, everything is sharing that can be educational information, entertainment information, event information or it can be political information.

Here you can find all types of information.

So it can be very useful for people.

9.As an Id purpose

People are using the internet so they know that if you sign up or log in then it can be very useful where asked.

So facebook is treated as an id proof on many websites on the internet.

you can log in or sign up using Facebook because it’s your id proof.

Or on facebook, your all detailed have filled up so it’s your identity.

So you can use it as identity proof on the internet.

It’s also an advantage of facebook.


It is user-friendly, so everybody can use it.

These days, many languages are added to facebook so everybody can use it easily in their languages.

Now, it is a brand on the internet.


10 Major Disadvantage and loss of Facebook

Disadvantage of facebook-min
Disadvantage of facebook

1. Fake Facebook Profile

It’s true.

Many people had made their fake facebook profile. And they are sending friends request a lot of time.

Many boys are making a fake account on facebook and set celebrity’s photos or Very beautiful photos of the boy on their facebook profile photo and sending a friend request to girls.

If that girl accepted that friend request they want to chat with the girl and if this plan worked then they will be online on facebook all the time to chat.

Or that plan is not worked then they create a new fake facebook profile to send her friend request.

Thus, many people have many fake accounts.

But it cannot be 100% true for all conditions because many people are making a fake account for the purpose or work.

 Though, There is a lot of fake Facebook profiles available on the internet.

So you cannot trust an unknown person who sent you a friend request on facebook.

So girl should accept the friend request of that person whom you don’t know that person personally.

Because its the matter of privacy.

So let’s talk about privacy of facebook –


Facebook cannot take risk of your privacy, so this is the major disadvantage of facebook.

If you have shared any private or personal data on facebook that can be harmful to you.

So don’t go too much personal on facebook. Or don’t share personal data or information on Facebook. You can share on facebook such as data that needs not important.

But gradually Facebook is making its privacy policy and it can be very strict in the coming years.

But there is a  privacy option where you can set up your privacy.

disadvantages of facebook
facebook privacy

So here you can set your privacy then you can use facebook safely.

But it will be  100% safe in that case when you don’t share personal information on Facebook.

3. Private Status Published Publicly

If you share your picture on facebook then it will be publicly But it depends on your privacy settings.

If you have set publicly on privacy settings then your all shared post, videos or your pictures are publically. The whole world can see your profile and steal you’re all personal data.

So when you are sharing your picture on facebook then think about it after that you can post your picture on facebook.

Because after publishing a picture on facebook is not personal data.

So this is a big disadvantage of facebook.

4. Vulgarity

Vulgarity is also a disadvantage of facebook. On Facebook, people post a vulgar picture. And many people commenting on that picture and make a joke.

A lot of groups or pages are available on facebook which is extremely vulgar.

They post dirty pictures on their groups and pages. If you have noticed, most of such groups or pages have many followers on Facebook.

5.Wrong Information and News

If you have seen on facebook most of the information is wrong. But that wrong information on the news also goes viral.

So this is also a disadvantage of facebook.


These days, you have seen on facebook that a lot of advertisement is available on facebook.

Because it is the medium of facebook from where they make revenue. Only the way of revenue of facebook is an advertisement.

But the advertisement disturbs people to use facebook and it is decreasing user retention.

So this is also a demerit of facebook.


You have seen in most cases on facebook when the election is coming to the hand then a lot of such images go viral on Facebook which is related to any politician.

That time, the people who are the member of the Party team or opposition party are fighting each other.

Thus they are being enemy for each other.

 So this is a very bad thing which is happening on social media including Facebook.

So it is also a demerit of facebook.


You can say about it that 95% of scams is available on the internet.

If we talk about Facebook then there is a lot of fake facebook account is available. So it can be sure that t, there is also present scamming.

Because people can scam from any fake account with you but you don’t know about it. So be aware of this.

So it is also a disadvantage of facebook.

let’s go to the next disadvantage of facebook.

9. Too much time spending on facebook

Most of the people spending too much time on facebook and they wasting their time on facebook. And they have no such time for family.

And they don’t give time to a family which is very wrong.

So it is a disadvantage of facebook.

10.Games on FB

If you are playing the game then you know about it very well that you signed up on that game from your facebook account then that game will be available on facebook.

So most people are playing the game using facebook.

A lot of games are available on facebook. So people have bounded from facebook. Because all the necessary things are available on facebook.

So they wasting their time on facebook but they don’t aware of this.

Conclusions-Advantage and disadvantage of facebook

You can use social media as entertainment or as knowledge purposes it depends on you. Because many people using this in the right way and developing themselves.

But many people present in the world who are using this as a full-time job mean they are spending the whole time on social media.

Without social media or facebook, they cannot imagine their life. It can be an addiction.

So, if you are doing this then please don’t do.

If you want to use social media then use it in the right way which can help you to develop yourself as a brand and secure your family’s life who loves you so much.

Please do something for them using social media.

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