15 The Best WordPress Plugins:Must Have WordPress Plugins (2020)

Best WordPress Plugins
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Hello guys how are you all? I am going to tell you about the best WordPress plugins that every WordPress blogger must install to grow your business to the next level.

Do you want your blog to gain very good traffic in just a few clicks? Or are you looking for the best WordPress plugins?

 If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place and your search is now over, here I am going to tell you about the best WordPress plugins for news sites which will eliminate every problem related to your blogging.

Whether it is related to blogging SEO or security and whether it is about page speed, these best WordPress plugins will solve every one of your problems.

 15 The Best WordPress Plugins for any website 

1.Yoast SEO

2-TinyMCE Advanced

3-Easy Table of Contents

4- Akismet- Anti Spam

5- JetPack by WordPress

6- W3 Total Cache

7- UpDraftPlus – Backup/Restore

8- Smush

9- Ad Inserter

10- Broken Link Checker

11- Redirection

12- Google Analytics Dashboard

13-MC4WP: MailChimp for WordPress

14-Reading Time WP



I will tell you about all the WordPress plugins before I am going to tell you about some WordPress blogs, after that, I will talk to you about these plugins in full details.

You must know that the whole world has become very technical now, so everyone wants to stay ahead in this technological era. So if I talk about blogging, why would anyone stay behind in it?

Because if you want to start blogging then you will definitely choose WordPress, if you blogging in it, then you have to spend some money, be it for Webhosting or to buy the domain? Do you have to spend money on this? And you also give a lot of your time to it.

So after doing it, the question does not arise that you want to stay behind in blogging?

So here I am going to tell you about 15 Bust WordPress plugins which will take your clogging career to the next level.

So let’s start?


1.Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO best wordpress plugins

In the best WordPress plugin, I am telling you the Yoast plugin first because you are blogging in which the Yoast WordPress plugin plays a large part. If you have not yet installed the Yoast plugin then you should install this plugin now.

Because there is a free plugin (premium plugin also exists) and it helps you a lot in on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

You will be surprised to know that more than 5 million people are blogging by installing it and if we talk about its rating, then it has got 5 * stars because it is quite popular with SEO in WordPress. And they help a lot in blogging.

What is the problem in the content that you have written and what is its solution, it tells everything.

 Some know about its features –

1. If we talk about its features, it does a lot of help in on-page SEO and off-page SEO, along with it, you have already generated the sitemap of your page, then any website becomes much more necessary.

2. It tells you how to write content and how much to write.
 3. This gives your website a chance to fix the permalink, focus gives the opportunity to write keywords. It tells a lot about how big the title of your content should be.
4. It tells you how many times your keyword should be placed in your content, which is very important.
5. It tells you that when you are writing, you tell all the shortcomings of your content.
6. How is your content read and what is the problem in it and what is its solution.
4. Let me tell you what you said.

The most important component in blogging is that you find it inside this plugin, so what do you need more than this.

Let us know in another important plugin-

2-TinyMCE Advanced

tiny mce advanced-best wordpress plugins

If you have started your blogging in WordPress, then you should 100% install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin which is one of the best WordPress plugins.

As soon as you create your blog in WordPress, you will get a classic editor, in which you will get some limited features. But the features you have got in this classic editor are not quite that much. Therefore you should install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

Talking about the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, it has provided all the improvements which are very important for writing any content.

This plugin has been installed by more than 2 million people. And this has got 6 and a half stars. Which is great for any plugin’s ratings.

Let’s talk about its features –

1. One of the biggest features of this is that you have the facility to rearrange its tools, you can include all the tools you like in the settings and you can escalate what you don’t like.

2. In this, you will get very good fonts, which will make your content much more attractive.

Thus, it has a lot of facilities. As soon as you install it, you will become familiar with its features. So for better bogging, you install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

Let’s talk about the next plugin –

3-Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents-best wordpress plugins

Easy Table of Contents plugins is one of the best WordPress plugins that make your post more attractive.
Apart from making your blog posts attractive, it also gives a lot of benefits to the visitors who come to your blog, which helps them to read your content a lot.

There has been a lot of competition in the blogging field so now people are writing long enough for the content so that its post can rank on the first page of Google.

In such a situation, there is a great need to install the Easy Table of Contents plugin.

Let’s know about its features –

1. If you have written your blogpost too big, then it happens that it becomes difficult for the visitors who read the post, but the Easy Table of Contents plugins finish your content in a small table.

2. This means that all the points of your post or as you have placed it in the setting, keep your headings and subheadings in one place, in which if someone clicks, then direct to the particular place of that post.

 3. Which makes the readers much easier in such a way that any visitor who comes to your blog will be able to read your blog completely. And that will not exclude your post.

So this way helps your post very much.

Let’s know about the best WordPress plugins further –

4- Akismet-Anti Spam

akismet anti spam-best wordpress plugins

No matter what field it is, safety matters a lot. So now I am going to tell you about how to secure your blog.

For your information, let me tell you that the WordPress website is a self-hosted user-owned website where security is the primary concern in which you have to take care of this.

This plugin has been installed by more than 5 million people and has got a very good rating.

To create your backlinks to your blog and to log in to your website, you are running an auto bot. So that they can enter your website and create backlinks. You can call it spam.

Let us know about the features of this plugin –

1.Akismet- Anti Spam is a plugin that provides cybersecurity to your website online. You probably know that a lot of hackers jump into your website and modify things according to their needs. Lenin This plugin does not allow it to enter your website.

2. This plugin protects you from spam activities. And this keeps your website safe.

3. This plug-in also works by adding spam comments to your website in your database and protecting your website from malware.

Akismet- Anti Spam provides security to your website in every way, just add it to your WordPress plugin list and you are sure that no one can break your website at any cost and spamming the way.

The best thing about it is that it is also free and paid tree. You can also use free, which is enough to protect your website.

Therefore, you should install this plugin and provide security to your website.

Let’s talk about the next plugin which is one of the best WordPress plugins –

5- JetPack by WordPress

jetpack-best wordpress plugins

Talking about another best plugin, Jetpack plugin comes in it, which is a very powerful plugin.

For your information, I want to tell that WordPress.com is a free blogging platform, you can also do blogging in it, you do not have to pay Webhosting. So this plugin has some very powerful features as it is hosted on WordPress’s own platform.

WordPress.Org, a self-hosted blogging platform. To get its facilities, you have to pay thousands of dollars to wordpress.org. But you can also get its facilities for free, for that you will have to use some plugin.

Let’s talk about its features –

1. If you use the JetPack plugin, jetpack will help you bring cloud hosted WordPress.com features to your self-hosted blogging platform, allowing you to easily exploit its features.

2. Jetpack helps you speed up your website.
3. Jetpack manages your social media on its own when you are blogging.
4. Through this, you also receive eid emails of your blog visitors.
5. It also helps in increasing the privacy and security of your website.
4. One of the great features is that it makes WordPress.com social media auto-sharing.

But for this, you have to connect Facebook, google +, twitter, Tumblr profile with Jetpack, after that whenever you publish a new post and if Jetpack shares your post on social media itself.

These plugins are very amazing and widely used plugins that greatly reduce your work.

So you can install this plugin.

Now let’s talk about the best WordPress plugin ahead.


6- W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache-best wordpress plugins

One of the best WordPress plugins so far that every blogger must install so that you can improve the ranking of your website.

Let’s talk about its features –
1. Its biggest advantage is that it improves the page loading speed of your website.
2. The best solution of W3 Total Cache is the caching feature, it helps store cache for the casual visitor to your website which works very well for your website.

3. W3 Total Cache reduces the time a user sends requests to your hosted server and receives a response.

4. W3 is a very powerful thing about the total cache that this user will store all the page details in the browser and do the caching work in his browser.
5. It reduces the CSS and HTML files of the website, which makes the loading problem of your website work.

These features will reduce the loading time of your website and increase the speed of your website.

You can install this plugin as soon as possible and increase the loading speed of your website. As the loading speed of the website increases, your website ranking will also increase.

Let us now talk about the next best plugins –

7- UpDraftPlus – Backup/Restore

UpDraftPlus – Backup-best wordpress plugins

UpDraftPlus is a plugin that protects your blogging from being wasted.

If you are on a self-hosted server that greatly increases the risk of failure, in which you are not to blame and you cannot blame anyone.

So let’s talk about what to do so that you can save your website before it gets ruined, so for that, you will have to keep a backup of your website.

You can install the updraft plugin to back up your website, through which your worries will work.

Talking about its features, you can save your website by taking a backup of your website through this plugin, or you can save it anywhere. It gives backups for all your plugins, posts, databases and more.

You can install it free of charge and you can backup your website, you will have to do everything manually. Yes, you will be done in just 2 minutes. Which is very easy and simple.

So you should install this plugin and save your website from being ruined. So that it saves your hard work too.

Let’s talk about the next important plugin, which is important.

8- Smush

Smush-best wordpress plugins

If you do blogging, then you know how important it is to upload photos to the blog, you can also believe that writing your content without photos is incomplete. That’s why you upload photos to your blog.

But you also have to keep in mind that by uploading more photos on the website, the loading time of the website is increased which increases your website’s ranking significantly.

So to solve this problem you can use the smush plugin which compresses the size of all the photos of your website, which reduces the loading speed of your website and also increases the ranking of your website.

For this, you have to install this plugging in your website, after that, you just have to click one in bulk smush, which will make the size of your blog’s all photo reduced.

This helps you reduce website load time and optimize image sizes, which are the biggest factors to rank a website.

Hopefully, you have installed the plugins mentioned by me and the ranking of your website will also have increased.

Let’s move on to the next plugin –


9- Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter-best wordpress plugins

If you do blogging, then you will know that all beginner bloggers use Google Adsense to earn a lot of money. But if you use WordPress for blogging then there is a piece of good news for you.

That your opinion is going to be easy. Let us know –

If you want to run Google Adsense on your blog then you have a headache that the ad code of Google Adsense has to be placed in different places such as content, sidebar, specific paragraph places.

If you run ad code one by one, a lot of your time will also be gone and you will also get upset.

The same thing makes Ad Inserter easier. In this, you only have to post a bar of Google Adsense. After that, write as many posts as you want, ad inserter pastes Google’s ad in all your posts.

And thus the ad appearing in all your posts starts.

If you want to change the code of the advertisement in the future, all you have to do is go to this plugin and just change it where you inserted your ad code which will change all your ad code.

You do not have to face any kind of trouble.

Ad inserter is also one of the best WordPress plugins.

Let’s go ahead now. Towards the next important WordPress plugin.

10- Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker-best wordpress plugins

If you start blogging initially, then you have to learn a lot of things in it or you can say that there is less in blogging than you have learned.

You sometimes post a post by writing, after that you start editing it, not once or in many cases it happens that you submit the link to your post in many places.

So while editing the post, if you change the permalink of your post, then the trouble starts from here. Wherever you have submitted your link, if someone clicks on your link, he will not get your post, he will only see 404.

You can call this a broken link. Meaning if someone clicks on you and does not get that item, it will be considered as a broken link.
So we use this plugin only to rectify this problem.

 Broken link checker is a plugin that helps in identifying all or all of the broken links in the website’s 404 sari links.

You do not need to search all these links somewhere, you will get all the list of broken links in one place, for that you will have to install it.

So you can use this plugin to identify all those links and fix them manually by editing or replacing the broken links so that your SEO does not have any kind of effect.

So you install this plugin and after finding all the broken links, you fix it.
Let’s go-ahead –

11- Redirection

Redirection-best wordpress plugins

This plugin is a little different from what I told you about Broken Link above.

This plugin is required when the URL of any post you post changes. Then when you click on that URL, you don’t get any more content.

When you change any link in your post, that old link also contains a lot of sari backlink which is ruined by changing the link.

You will know how difficult it is to create a backlink in the present time, in such a way, changing the posted link ruins all the backlink juices.

Which is very bad for your SEO.

So this redirection plugin redirects you to your old link so that you have no effect whatsoever in SEO.

With this plugin, the source URL will be your old post URL and the destination will be a new post, but you can land your old post traffic on that new post or link.

Which does not create a broken link to your post and there is no problem in your traffic and link juices.

So now you have come to know about the advantages of this plugin, you can install this plugin and maintain the SEO of your blog.

Let us now talk about the best WordPress plugins ahead –

12- Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard-best wordpress plugins

Agra has started growing your blog slowly, then you will be very curious about what is happening in your blog, how much traffic is coming in your blog, yet how much total views have been made in your blog or say So you might want to know the analytics of the whole thing.

So you will have to open a new dashboard separately to see it.

Simply removing all these problems makes your work easier and saves your time. And it shows all these things on your WordPress dashboard.

For this, you will have to verify your website with Google Analytics. After that, you will have to manage this plugin. After installing this plugin, you will be able to easily see all the analytics in your WordPress dashboard.

But you will get to see only some information in it, if you want to see the whole then you will have to go to its website.

So you can install this plugin and you can also take advantage of it.

Let us then talk about a better plugin which will be very helpful for your blog.


13-MC4WP: MailChimp for WordPress

v-best wordpress plugins

If you have made your move in your digital marketing, then you must know how much email is important in it.

For your information, I want to tell you that if you have a list of emails, then you can easily bring an unprecedented amount of traffic to your blog in every working time. In just a few days.

Hopefully, your blog will have a lot of visitors but come and go, you have no information about it whether it will come back to your blog or not.

So to bring that old visitor to your blog, you will need to install a plugin so that you can collect his email Eid and you can easily email it and return it to your blog again.

So for this, you have to install the MailChimp plugin, only then you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

So for this, you will have to go to its website and you will have to register with your email id. Only then MailChimp will provide your API key and secret key so that you can successfully add this to your blog.

By doing this you get the email id of your visitor and you email your visitor and then call him back.

Let us now know about the next important plugin –

14-Reading Time WP

Reading Time WP-best wordpress plugins

Do you want to give your blog a professional look?
If yes
So let’s talk about our next plugin called Reading Time WordPress Plugin.

With the help of this plugin, you can put the reading time in your blog post, which will make your blog more professional.

I am trying to tell you about the advantages that there are many such visitors who have a lack of time and come online for a short period of time and go on chasing their queries.

However, to bring the visitors to your blog, you should install the Reading Time plugin so that it can see your blog post time and come to your blog and read your blog post.

This will make your blog more beautiful. All you have to do is install this plugin.
So you can install this plugin and you can take advantage of it.

Let’s talk about our 15th plug-in –

15-Autoptimize-Best WordPress plugins

Autoptimize-best wordpress plugins

Let’s talk about a very powerful plugin which is very important and famous.

This is a plugin that Autoptimize the unwanted cache or image size of your website, which greatly increases your loading speed.

Which increases the ranking of your website. So Autoptimize this plugin is very much necessary for your website.

So you can install the plugin and improve the ranking of your website.

Bonus-Best WordPress plugins 

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache-best wordpress plugins

This is a plugin that works like w3 total cache. You can also install a wp super cache.

I have also installed this plugin for the website, my website has improved a lot through this plugin. And the loading speed of my website has also increased.

So you can install this plugin as well.

Conclusions -Best WordPress plugins

So in this way I have told you the best WordPress plugin, you can install all these plugins and take your business to the next level through your website.

If your website works well then you can not imagine how much traffic in your blog means more money will be more income.

By the way, there are also plugins for inserting many YouTube videos, through which you can make your website more interesting.

If you have any doubt then you can comment.

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Cheer up!-love you Zindagi


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