Facebook App Id and secret key Create in Just(2 mins)-(App Development)

Facebook App Id
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  • Generate your Facebook app id in just 5 easy steps:-

 1. Search the Facebook developers page on Google.

2.enter your details for the new app.

 3. Give details of your website then add products to the Add Product of Your App app.

 4. Set Up Your Product for Your App

5. You can make your app live.


Something Important about Facebook App Id

Before starting this topic I want to tell you something about facebook app id and facebook secret id which is very important information for you.

What is Facebook app id?

If you have a website or have purchased a new domain, you can create your Facebook App ID because the Facebook App ID is a unique number that is fully recognized by your app upon requesting advertisements from the audience network. And this is also important.

Why is it so important?

In the present time, if you want to create an app for your audience from Facebook, that too for your website, then every app must have a unique Facebook app ID, only then your app can be live.

For this, if you want to login to Facebook in your app or you also want to see Facebook Analytics how many users are using your app, then for this you will have to create a Facebook app.

In this post, the answer to this question will be told to you in just 5 steps –
By following these steps, you can create a Facebook App id and also get your secret ID.
 Let’s start with one by one 

Generate App Id -

Step one: Search Facebook developers page on Google.

You can click here to go to the Facebook developer page, click here – Facebook Developer page For this, you will have to log in to your Facebook account. if the type of app you are using, whether it is mobile or desktop, you have to select it. To configure a WordPress plugin, it is usually websites. But these are in the form of an app. Click on the Create app.

Follow us as we tell you –

As you can see in these screenshots, it will also be visible on your screen or it will be similar.

Step two: enter your details for the new app.

After this, you click on the “Add a new app” link, just in front of it you will see a pop-up box in which the display name of your new app, an e-mail will be asked, you put full details in it. After entering all the details, click on “Create App ID”.

for this, you have to give a name for your app on the next page as we are telling you through screenshots. Here you click a little thoughtfully because after clicking on it, you will create the app.

facebook app id

Step Three-Give details of your website then add products to the Add Product of Your App app.

Now you have to select “Facebook Login” in the pop sub that looks like this, after that you have to add the “Facebook Login” product. And after doing this the setup button will come up, now you click on the “setup” button.

When you click on the “Set up” button after that you will be redirected to the “Quickstart” page.

facebook app id

 Click on Create a new Facebook App Id. By clicking here, you will take the app id, here you will see a pop-up on which you have to click here-Now you have to select the web to go ahead. Now you choose the web platform.

After that, you have to select the category for the application.

facebook app id

After this, you have to fill your website UR so put your website URL and do not choose any more option as you can see in these screenshots.

facebook app id

Step Four: Set Up Your Product for Your App

After clicking the “Save change ” button, you will get a lot of blank boxes to fill it and leave the rest. Now you will see “Settings” in the menu list on the left side to proceed, click on it.

facebook App id

Step Five: You can make your app live.

Click on Settings, you will see two options, one is Basic and Advance, both of them you have to click on Basic, after that you will be asked some more details, but you do not have to fill the Jaya, here you can see your app’s Facebook app id. And secret id as well,
But to see the secret id, you have to enter your account password first, only then you can see it.

you have to enter “App Domain” and “Privacy Policy URL”

Now to make your app live
 and click on the switch button at the top which will see a live button, by clicking here your app Live will go live.

facebook app id

Here your app is ready and also now as you can see below status is live.

facebook app id

If you follow these methods then you can get your app id and your facebook app secret numbers.

 you can see your app id as shown in the image and copy this facebook app id.

Clicking on the show in front of your secret will have to go a step further to see your App Secret Id that you must remember your Facebook account password because this Facebook Id will have to be entered.

your work is done, now you can copy this Secret Id from here and put it in the Facebook plugin.




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