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insurance company
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Insurance company

Insurance company Insurance Importance 2020-


insurance company

1. What is an insurance or insurance company?

You can say this, in simple a language is that it is an agreement with the insurance company that provides the insurance for your life.

This is the instrument in the future when you get any loss it takes to play the role.

If you are injured in an accident, you are suffering from illness or you died then there the insurance company takes the responsibility for your treatment. Or you can say that after your death according to that agreement they pay the agreed amount of money according to your agreement to, your family. This is called insurance.

Means in every condition you can get the advantage of insurance for your life .you can live happily. with your life or after your death.

2.Benefits of insurance

There are a lot of Benefits of insurance that exist in every condition. If you have insurance then you don’t think that after my death what will be happened with my family. Then, there you can’t be anxious about the family.
Or not even in your life, it plays the role in every field means that for your mobile-mobile insurance, bike-bike insurance, car-car insurance, auto-auto insurance- bus-bus insurance or in every vehicle. 
Then, the insurance company pays the recovered amount for insurance vehicles.

3.Types of insurance


#1.Life Insurance
#2.General Insurance
 (a)Health Insurance
 (b)Crop Insurance
 (c)Motor Insurance
 (d)Home Insurance
 (e)Travel Insurance
 (g)Mobile Insurance
#1.Life Insurance


Life insurance means if you have taken the life insurance from the insurance company then if the main guardian got accidentally death then after the death of the main guardian The insurance money amount takes care of the family.
So it is important that any person of the family should have taken advantage of the insurance for any unexpected problem.
#2.General insurance

(a).Health insurance-


These days everybody knows that the money for the treatment of any disease increasing like Everest.
 Any simple family man cannot take any treatment in the private hospital with less amount.they should have the money to treatment for the disease, but they have not a sufficient amount of money. 
So if any person has bought the health insurance policy then they can take treatment in any private hospital.
 And the money of treatment of them, insurance companies take the responsibility to take care of them according to an insurance policy.

(b)Crop insurance and farmer insurance


If any farmer buys the crop insurance form any insurance company then if the crop of that farmer has destroyed by the disease of crop or burnt.
 Then the company takes the responsibility to pay the amount according to agreement of that crop insurance.
Farmers are not aware to take advantage of crop insurance.
So it is important that farmers should have bought crop insurance. But these days farmers are not taking advantage of crop insurance.
Because the crop has destroyed then the insurance the company takes the survey around of that destroyed crop or farmer and ask from another farmer around him then after that survey gives the amount of insurance.

(c)motor insurance


These days it is very important to buy motor insurance from an insurance company to ride the motor on the road.
If any unexpected accident happens then insurance companies pay the amount according to agreement of that policy of insurance.
Or If your motor has stolen by any person then insurance companies also give the amount of that policy.
Or if you have done any accident then the insurance company gives the amount according to the THIRD PARTY INSURANCE.

(d)home insurance


If you buy the home insurance from any insurance company then if any Natural calamity happened like earth-quake, fire, flood or lightning insurance companies pay the amount of that.
Or if any robbery, Battle riot has happened in your home then the insurance company pays the amount of that incident.

 (e)Travel Insurance


It is very important for you if you travel foreign
Travel insurance protects against any damage done during a visit.
 If a person goes abroad to work or to roam, and he gets hurt or gets lost, then the insurance company compensates him. 
Travel insurance policy is valid only from the start of your journey to the end of the journey. The terms of the different insurance companies can vary for travel insurance policies.
So you can take advantage of this.

 (f) Business Liability Insurance:


Liability Insurance is really to compensate for the loss of a company’s work or from a product to a customer.
In such a situation, the company’s insurance company has to bear the full cost of a penalty and legal proceedings.
So you can take advantage of this.

(g)Mobile insurance:- an insurance company

At last, not least, if you have a mobile then you know about it very well. These days, everybody wants to buy an expensive mobile phone. 
So they should have to buy a mobile insurance policy from an insurance company. If any incident happened to you with your mobile phone then the insurance company compensates for this.

#4.Limitation of Insurance

(a) Higher premium rates – 


There is no particular interest in people in life insurance. Vehicle insurance is also made due to legal necessity.
 The insurance for big factories is prevalent but insurance of the house, shop, theft, etc. is not in much practice.
 The main reason for all of this is that the insurance premium is high.
(b) Moral crises – 
Some people who insure insurance also abuse insurance. Due to the moral weaknesses of the person in the following circumstances, the success of insurance becomes questionable –
*Some people want to use the insurance service more than necessary – stay away from the hospital more than necessary because the insurance company is paying.
*Some people recover more wages than those who give insured life and property to themselves.  eg- To get more fees from a doctor with an insured patient.
* Experimenting with insured property negligently.
* Increased losses by insurers to be told.
(c) The risk limit of the individual is not composite – The success of insurance is possible only if there is a large group of people surrounded by similar types of risks.
 It is not possible to insure them if one person or very few people are at risk.
(d) Certain insurance letters depend only on governmental cooperation- Private insurers can not insure certain types of risks, they require government assistance. Such as unemployment insurance etc.

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