10 Best Easy SEO Tips to make money online Google 2019

make money online  google

10 Best Easy SEO Tips make money online google

1.plan your website

2.keywords in domain

3.keywords in tittle

4.keyword in h-tags

5.keywords in the meta description 

6.use relevant links

7.anchor text

8.create great content

9.use video on your website

10.use experience


I want to say something about SEO with your blog or your website to make money online with google.

 In Google, well there are 3.5 billion searches a day on Google. so the customers are there the searches are there and once you’re in that spot it’s pretty much free traffic we’re going to show you how you can make money online with google in dollars a month in profit to make sure you stay to the end of this post.


Before we start this article there are a few things that are crucial to understanding for things that are page title,h tag, anchor text and backlinks r.

Really quick page title is just the name of your title your page we’ll go into that in more depth and H tags and header tag or bigger text on your page the third thing is your( anchor text and that is when someone links to you what does that link say number four is the actual backlink)

now way I like to explain (backlink is a vote of credibility )

Just imagine any person is  talking about your business that’s going to do a lot for your business now if you meet someone randomly on the street and they’re talking about a business it’s not going to do as much so the more credible links you have are the more credible people you have talking about your website the more it’s going to do for you.

So the first thing you need to do is you need to have a plan for your website way too many people go into a project with no plan and things end up falling apart there’s a really good free tool I like to use pulling keywords everywhere (now it is paid toll)and it helps you get a great idea of what keywords are involved with a niche so I’ve searched for lost yes nape shops .

How many searches that term gets what its cost per click is or what advertisers are paying for it .how much competition there is and then the big thing for us in this step is what related keywords there are you see things.

So different areas different keywords it gives us a good idea and that brings us into point number two which is if possible get your keyword in your domain name Google places a lot of emphases when you have a keyword in a domain name and knowing which keywords are involved with this niche which  helps us do is going to do a whole. 

make money online google

 Many keywords as you can in your domain so it also looks natural the step number three is making sure you get your most important keywords in your title.


 Page title -this is extremely important to get your most important keywords in this area and to make it super simple I use a free plug-in called Yoast SEO as you can see here’s my title this is due to Yoast the reason I use this is because if you don’t your page title can get mixed with your website title.

It just makes things complicated this is a tool to simplify everything fourth thing is you want to make sure you put important keywords or variations of your keyword in your H tag now and H tag is a fancy way of saying a header tag or the simplest way to say it the bigger text on your page.

When I go type in the best electronic cigarette and I bring up this page here we’ll see that they have an H tag for best electronic cigarettes of 2018 , best eat cigarette sand starter kits and if I scroll down here they’ll probably have more they have different brands and H tags we scroll down more.

Make your Meta Description super simple we go back to Yoast SEO right here is where the Meta Description goes where you can control everything.

Alright so number six is links now this is the big one  far links are the most important thing but whatever one doesn’t want to tell you is that they need to be relevant the more relevant links you have the better it’s going to be for you I have a great resource to get you relevant links and it’s called cloudy guest post com.

If you go there you can place an order and you can get links from relevant sites to help your credibility.

 Anchor text as you can see right here this is a clickable link it says the rise in popularity of vaping that is their anchor text whatever the text is of the link is considered the anchor text.

Now, this is extremely important how you want to work this is when you first start a site you want to start with mostly branded anchor text or the name your website as you can see right here this is an example of branded anchor text.

make seo tips to money online Google
SEO tips

Or what I also call a URL link and that’s what you want to start with your anchor text a lot of people will try to start with keyword anchor text which is what you see here which is basically keywords you’re trying to rank for now.

That will help you rank but if you use it too early it can hurt you and get you a penalty so make sure you start with the branded anchor text the URL links and then work in the keywords later on and you may have heard this one before.

Number eight you want to have great content in most of the cases for local sites or if it’s a local service you don’t necessarily need great content that you want in that case is more of a good-looking website with some decent content.

Now if you’re trying to build a brand if you’re trying to get a product out there you can put Shopify store.

Anyone who comes here gets what they want which is the best electronic cigarettes they get an actual list this is an example of great content.

Number nine is video now video is huge and it’s only continuing to grow there are over five billion videos watched per day on YouTube.

 I use to make sure my user is getting the best experience on my website number one is called website responsive test.com.

 you can see what your website looks like on a mobile phone now this is extremely important the reason for that is over fifty percent of searches now come from a mobile phone.

The second thing that I use is called GT metrics com this makes sure that your page is loading fast you all know how impatient everyone is these days this will make sure your loading quick it will give you scores and it’ll tell you what your actual load time is and they give you all the things you need to do to increase that speed after coaching .

Thousands of students that have made millions of dollars with SEO these are the ten things that are most responsible for their success.

Alright guys so I hope you enjoyed those top 10 tips on SEO and how to rank anything to number one on Google

 Where we’re going to be going much more in-depth on how to actually start making money with SEO even if you have no experience no technical skill how to make money with SEO literally starting today guys so make sure that you check out another post from this blog.

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