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Mother Teresa
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Mother Teresa

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Real NameAnjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu
Born 26 August 1910
Place of BirthSkopje, Macedonia
Parents Nikollë Bojaxhiu and Dranafile Bojaxhiu
Sister Aga Bojaxhiu
Brother Lazar Bojaxhiu
Death 5 September 1949
Arrival in India 1929
Age at death87 years (1910–1997)
EstablishmentMission of Charity
LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Bengali, Albanian, Serbian.
Nationality Ottoman, Yugoslavian, Indian
Profession Nun, Teacher, Missionary
EstablishmentMission of Charity
LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Bengali, Albanian, Serbian.
Nationality Ottoman, Yugoslavian, Indian
Profession Nun, Teacher, Missionary



Early biography

Let’s talk about mother Teresa’s early life, Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje (now in Macedonia). Her father was a small businessman. And his real name was ‘Agnes Gon Zha Boya Jiju’. 

mother Teresa childhood

Gonza means flower buds in the Albanian language. Her father died when she was only eight years old, after which she was raised by her mother Drana Boyaju. At the time of her birth, her elder sister was 7 years old and her brother was 2 years old, the other two children. Passed away as a child. 


She was a beautiful, studious and very hard working girl. Along with her studies, he loved the song very much. She and her sister worked as the lead singers in the nearby church. It is believed and said that when she was only twelve years old, she realized that she would dedicate her whole life to human service and at the age of 18, she decided to join the ‘Sisters of Loreto’ Took it She then went to Ireland where she learned the English language. Learning English was necessary because the Sisters of Loreto taught children in India in the same medium, which was very important for them.

Mother Teresa’s visit to India


Sister Teresa returned from Ireland learning English and then arrived at the ‘Loreto Convent’ in Kolkata on 6 January 1929, where children were taught in English. She was a very disciplined teacher and while Mother Teresa taught poor and helpless children, She had a good grasp of both Hindi and Bengali language, while she was very hard working from the beginning, so she did her job honestly. And devotedly, and she also became the children’s favorite teacher. At the same time, her focus was on the poverty, sickness, helplessness, illiteracy, and ignorance spread around her, which she used to live very much.

This was 1943 when a large number of deaths were taking place in the city of Calcutta due to famine, and the condition of the people was greatly disturbed due to poverty, seeing that Mother Teresa was heartbroken and then she was poor, helpless, Pledged to serve the sick and the needy.

Till 1948 he served as the headmistress of the High School. His mind was completely engrossed in his education, but the poverty, poverty, and helplessness surrounding him greatly disturbed his mind. After that, the Hindu-Muslim riots of 1946 had made the condition of Kolkata city even more frightening and extremely bad.

Honors and awards


Mother Teresa has received many international honors and awards for her service to Surrey Manav Jati. The Government of India honored him with Padma Shri (1962) and later the Bharat Ratna (1980), the highest civilian honor of the country. The United States awarded him the Medal of Freedom in 1985.

Because of the work done for human welfare, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, the highest honor award of the entire world, which was given to help the poor and the helpless. She had decided to use the $ 192,000 Nobel Prize money as a fund for the poor, in a way, if it is said in a way, it will also be called human welfare, which is a big deal in itself.

Missionaries of Charity


For her, in 1946, she was determined to help the poor, the helpless, the sick and the helpless throughout her life, which had been a life-changing year. After this, she completed the necessary nursing training from Holy Family Hospital in Patna for the poor, helpless so that she could cure her diseases for which she came back to Kolkata in 1948 and from there to Talatala for the first time, where she met the poor elderly The caretaker organization was working with. He washed the wounds of the patients, healed them and gave them medicines and took good care of them.


Her service to this selfless spirit affected the people of the country, including high officials and the Prime Minister of India, who appreciated his work.

It was very difficult to do such a big task for her. She had no income when she left Loreto – it was too much of a problem to fill her stomach, she was very disturbed at this important stage in her life, realized loneliness and the happiness of Loreto – There was also the idea of ​​going back to the facilities, but they did not give up, because this is the stage of life when people come out to do something great, which comes in everyone’s life when someone Very big decision has to be taken.


This was the historic day when, on 7 October 1950, he received permission from the Vatican to establish the Missionaries of Charity. The purpose of this organization was to help those who are hungry, naked, homeless, lame-borne, blind, skin diseases and for those who have no place in society, who are helpless people in society.


There was a huge beginning when the ‘Missionaries of Charity‘ started with just 13 people, but at the time of Mother Teresa’s death (1997), more than 4 thousand ‘Sisters’ accompanied them globally, helpless, destitute, refugee, blind. , Was serving the old, poor, homeless, alcoholic, AIDS patients and people affected by natural disasters and in recent times, many more people and sisters have joined and help all the helpless. Pr is through serving.


And it is also said that Mother Teresa opened two more ashrams in the name of ‘Nirmal Hriday’ and ‘Nirmala Shishu Bhavan’. In which ‘Nirmal Hriday‘ was meant to serve the patients suffering from an incurable disease and the poor who have been thrown out by the society.


And Nirmala Shishu Bhavan was established to help orphans and homeless children.


Mother Teresa’s title of saint


Just a few years ago, on September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa was consecrated by Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, in 15 official delegations from various parts of Italy and a gathering of thousands with 1,500 homeless people. She had gone, since then she became Mother Teresa for the whole world.


A huge bash also occurred on the day that the Vatican City, after this confirmation (December 17, 2015), recognized another miracle, Pope Francis, which was also attributed to Mother Teresa, who the whole world has done a lot It is considered a big miracle in which the work of providing relief to the Brazilian people suffering from brain tumor was done. His canonization ceremony was broadcast live on the Vatican television channel and also delivered on the internet, which went viral. Where various events were taking place all over the day, how could Mother Teresa be left behind for her birth, these celebrations marked the special public celebration of Mother Teresa’s canonization (saint’s title) of the Missionaries of Charity of Kolkata and India Apart from this, a 7-day long festival was also celebrated in his hometown of Skopje, where people from all over the world participated in this festival.

mother Teresa birthday

27 August every year

mother teresa birthday
mother Teresa birthday

Mother Teresa Quotes

  • I want you to be worried about your neighbor. Do you know your neighbor?
  • If we lack peace, it is because we have forgotten that we are related to each other.
  • If you cannot provide food to one hundred people, get at least one done.
  • If you want to hear the love message, first send it yourself. Like to keep a lamp burning, we have to keep pouring oil in the lamp.
  • Loneliness is the most terrible poverty.
  • You can feel love by caring for your close ones.
  • Loneliness and feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.
  • Love is the fruit of every season and is within the reach of every person.
  • The biggest disease of today’s society is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but the feeling of being unwanted.
  • Eradicating hunger for love is more difficult than eradicating hunger for bread.
  • Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement.
  • Live with simplicity so that others can also live.
  • Every item that is not given is worth losing.
  • Not all of us can do great things, but we can do things with love.
  • We are all like a pen in God’s hand.
  • It is not important how much you gave, but it is how much love you gave while giving.
  • Beautiful people are not always good. But good people are always beautiful.
  • The words of kindness and love may be short but they are echoes.
  • Some people are like a blessing in your life, others like a lesson.


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🌻💛👑Tiny woman with great courage and persistence….. Mother Teresa was one of my favorite famous person growing up…..I remember telling my Mom I was going to join her club when I got older. She was solid. She wasn’t afraid to speak truth especially to powerful, prestigious people to defend impoverished & powerless people ….. She was a voice to the voiceless. Like everyone else, she struggled with dark forces & opposition her whole life. But she didn’t let up & back down. Firm in her convictions, she loved till it hurt and then loved some more. She wasn’t full of ego….. but was confident, not in herself, rather in the Jesus who lived within her. She was simple. What came out of her heart was genuine….Emptying her soul out to anyone that crossed her path, even those that hated her & ridiculed her. That’s real power, super power 💪🏼⛓✨🦅⚓️✝️ #superheroine #superherostatus #heartandsoul #braveheart #motherteresaquotes #motherteresa #godusesthebroken #toliveistosuffer #pouryoursoulout #birthdaygirl #crownofglory

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mother Teresa images/photos

Mother teresa images
Mother Teresa images


Mother teresa photo
Mother Teresa photo




Mother teresa image
Mother Teresa image

Mother Teresa Death

With time and increasing age, his health also deteriorated. In 1983, at the age of 73, she had a heart attack for the first time which was very tragic, when Mother Teresa went to Rome to meet pop John Paul II for a job. After another 6 years, he again had another heart attack in 1989, for which he was given an artificial pacemaker for treatment. After pneumonia in Mexico in 1991, his heart problem increased which was getting worse and his health, after which his health continued to decline.

 On 13 March 1997, he stepped down as the head of the Missionaries of Charity and after this, the saint died on 5 September 1997, about 4 months later. And by the time of his death, it is said that the Missionaries of Charity had 4000 sisters and 300 other affiliates working in social service in 123 countries of the world. Mother Teresa, who cared for human service and the poor, was declared “blessed” by Pope John Paul II in Rome on 19 October 2003. In the pages of history, in the Savarna newspapers and for India, she became immortal forever.

People also ask the question for mother Teresa 

Question-What did Mother Teresa die of?

Ans- Heart failure

Question-How many people did Mother Teresa help?

Ans- Group of 4000 people

Question- Who Did Mother Teresa marry?

Ans- She is not married

Question- Why is Mother Teresa called mother?

Ans- Because of Mother Teresa’s “call” was caring for the sick and poor.

Question- Why is Mother Teresa a role model?

Ans- She is an excellent role model as she dedicated her life to him to improve the lives of others and did a lot of work for the betterment of people including helping people in need and helpless people. So Mother Teresa is a role model for everyone.

Question- What were Mother Teresa’s miracles?

Ans- After the application of a locket bearing the picture of mother Teresa in 2002, the Vatican treated a tumor in the stomach of an Indian woman, Monica Besra, known as a miracle, a miracle.

Question- What was Mother Teresa’s real name?
Ans- Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu
Mother Teresa / Full name

Question- What language did Mother Teresa speak?
Ans- English, Hindi, Bengali,Albanian, Serbian.
Mother Teresa / Languages

Question- What were the achievements of Mother Teresa?
Ans- Mother Teresa had many achievements but one of them was that she acted as a humanist and an advocate for the poor and helpless. He received several awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize in 1971 and the Nehru Prize in 1972 to win the International Peace and Understanding Award.

Question- How was Mother Teresa’s family?

Ans- Mother Teresa’s family and childhood troubles were complete, comfortable, close-knit family life disturbed when her father died.

Question-At what age Mother Teresa died?
Ans- 87 years (1910–1997)

Question- How did St Teresa die?
Ans- Tuberculosis
Teresa of Ávila / Cause of death.

Question-Why was Mother Teresa a nun?

Ans- she became a nun because she had to help people and the whole society At the age of 18, Agnes decided to dedicate herself to the work of God. And she became a nun and changed her name to Teresa.

Question- Which date Mother Teresa died?
Ans- 5 September 1997
Mother Teresa / Date of Death

Question- How many miracles does it take to become a saint?
Ans-  Two miracles, To be a monk, a monk must have two miracles in two steps, which is necessary.

Question- How did Mother Teresa become a saint?
Ans- After her death, Mother Teresa was credited with two different miracles of healing, which led to her being known as St. Teresa. Mother Teresa spent most of her life serving the sick and poor from her base in Calcutta. Which only a saint can do, so she became a saint.

Question- What good things has Mother Teresa done?
Ans- 5 Major Achievements of Mother Teresa

1 She dedicated her life to serving the poor and the sick. …
2 She established the Missionaries of Charity. …
3 She opened the Kalighat Home for the Dying. …
4 She opened Nirmala Shishu Bhavan to take care of homeless children. …
5 She greatly helped relief efforts for people suffering from Leprosy.

Question- Why is Mother Teresa a significant individual?

Ans- She was famous because she selflessly dedicated her life to the people of India. Therefore, he is seen as a very pious person and has started to know.

Question- What was Mother Teresa’s education?
Ans- Loreto Abbey, Rathfarnham 1928–1928 Mother Teresa / Education

Question- What nationality is Mother Teresa?
Ans- Ottoman, Yugoslavian, Indian
Mother Teresa / Nationality

Question-Why did she come to India?
Ans- She was not seen to be unhappy since childhood, and when India was ruled by the British and the poor were being tortured a lot, she came to India to serve her selflessly.

Question- Who is Mother Teresa in English?
Ans- If said in short, Her real name is Agnes Gonsha Bojaxhiu. She became world-famous for starting Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India. She started this work in 1950 and for forty years, she cared for the poor, the sick, the orphans and the dying. This Mother Teresa came to be known throughout the world as Mother Teresa.

Question- What was the inspiration of Mother Teresa?

Ans-Mother Teresa’s mother impresses her by telling her that by serving the people, she can serve the Lord because it is said that all the people who are in this world are also God’s people. The prayers also influenced Mother Teresa. It changed Mother Teresa’s life when she became a nun, when she moved into the life of God, and when she entered our home, church. And she started serving God by serving people.

Question – Why did Mother Teresa leave Mary High School?
Ans- He served as the Principal of St. Mary’s High School in Calcutta from 1931–1948, leaving Saint Mary’s High School to serve the poor, the sick and the victims of Calcutta.

Question-    what did Mother Teresa do for a living?
Ans-Nun, Teacher, Missionary
Mother Teresa / Profession

Question- What did Mother Teresa do for the world?

Ans- Mother Teresa who dedicated her life to the service of the poor and destitute around the world. He spent many years in Calcutta, India, and served and served the garrisons and victims of many years there, and for which he established the Missionaries of Charity, which was dedicated to helping them.


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