Top 7 New Crezy signs of Facebook Addiction:How to get rid of FaceBook Addiction? (2019)

signs of facebook addiction
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Do you know about the signs of Facebook addiction?

Are you Facebook addictive Person?


What are the signs of Facebook Addiction?

1. If you love someone 

2.your new handsome or beautiful friend in Facebook

3.If you follow film celebrities

4.Status Update Anxiety

5.Obsession for friends

6.want to be Facebook celebrity

7.Spend too much time on Facebook


What is the addiction to Facebook?


 Do you know how many people visit every month on Facebook and how much time they spend Facebook per day? There are many peoples are addictive to Facebook out of them.


For more information, you can see this screenshot to know more about this. You will be surprised. I am damn sure about this.


total visits of facebook
total visits to facebook


Every month about 23.83 Billion people are visiting Facebook.  There are  23.83 Billion peoples are visiting Facebook every month According to a similar web. You can also check.

Here a lot of people are operating many fake accounts. But you can also see this screenshot.


total populations in the world
total populations in the world


As you can see, if every people in the world use 3 accounts to Facebook then it will be possible to compensate this no. of people on Facebook.

Now you can think this how the peoples are addictive to Facebook to use.




Now let’s go to know about Facebook addiction one by one-

what are the signs of Facebook addiction?

1. If you love someone 

I want to tell you something about it that if you love someone and also she or he is on Facebook then definitely you will spend much more or excessive time on Facebook.

And gradually this will convert into Facebook addiction And also it is Facebook addiction.

Let’s take an example-

Anybody, who is in love, if you are in a new love then definitely you will be a Facebook addictive person.

Because you will care about a lot of things about her or him.

Let’s take this example as you are a boy and you love someone who is a girl.

(Note:- Girls can take this as a girl and if you love someone who is a boy.)

Now you have a new love. And it is right to say that if you love someone then you will take care of her.

If she posts her new photo on Facebook then you will get the notification. She has posted her new pic then you will get new curiosity to see her post.

Then definitely you sign in on Facebook and you will like her post, and if her post or pic is beautiful then you will see that post several in a day or per day.

And that will convert into an addiction for Facebook.

Another thing is that if she is online on Facebook then you comment on her photo and you are waiting for her reply.

If your love is both sided love then you cant imagine how much time will spend on facebook and it will be converted in facebook addiction.

Many people have made this as a first conversation platform to talk to anybody who is in joined facebook messenger.

These habits are signs of Facebook addiction.

Let’s go-ahead to know the next sings of Facebook addiction.

2.your new handsome or beautiful friend on Facebook

And this habit can make you Facebook an addictive person. It’s true? let’s talk about it.

If you have a beautiful friend and also she is on Facebook, and you are not doing any serious work or you have time or you have not the time but you have a full night. Then these reasons are enough to make Facebook addictive.

If any time she posts her beautiful pictures on Facebook and you want to make an impression in front of her then definitely you will like, comment and also you have good friends then also you will share her photo and you will talk about it to your friends.

And if anytime she is not online on FB then you are waiting for her to be online fastly.

Suppose that she will be online then definitely you will talk about it that your pic is fabulous, beautiful and many other adjectives you will add to impress her.

And if you are doing this several times and for that, you are spending much more time for it then you have signs of Facebook addiction.

Let’s go-ahead to know more.

3.If you follow film celebrities

It’s true?

If you are following any film celebrity who works in the cinema. Then you will sign in on facebook several in a day.

Because if you are following any celebrity on facebook and who is your favorite then many of them want to know that what is happening their favorite celebrity’s life.

You have observed that most of the time they upload a sensational photo or attractive photo on FB. Or if that celebrity is a woman then you have observed this.

There is a truth hidden behind this reason that they want to attract people to get more followers.

To increase more followers they are posting like this picture to attract people and also be more famous on social media.

If you have followed.and also you saw that attractive pictures then now you have the curiosity to see more pictures or posts.

Then you will be online many times in a day and it will make you addictive to Facebook and social media.

Or many of celebrities post their every event to social media.

Let’s talk about more habits.

4.Status Update Anxiety

If any person opens a new Facebook account, then this happens usually. They change their status on Facebook many times a day to be famous to show to another person or their friends that person is unique, boss, Adventure man, etc.

And if their friend has a created unique post on Facebook then they will try to post another unique post on Facebook. So they change their status from time to time.

One thing also happens, they check their friend’s status to see their attitude. And think I am better than him.

Showing his attitude to all Facebook friends and that person spends excessive time on Facebook to change status.

This is status update anxiety and it converts in Facebook addiction.

Let’s go to another reason.

5.Obsession for friends

It is the most common factor to be addictive to Facebook. Because of that many such people are present on earth who have no friends.

And you know that Facebook is that platform where friends are made and keep the relationship alive on the earth. I know you are laughing to hear that.

But it is true and many people are doing this for making more friends. Because they have no such friends.

So they are searching for friends on Facebook and sending them a friend request. And whether it is from his country or abroad.

There is so much passion to make good and beautiful friends, whether it is a boy or girl, they are always searching for their new friend.

And they waste their quality time, which shows that time is being wasted in the right way.
Every day, finding new friends on Facebook and sending friend requests is just his job as if the passion to make new friends have started.

In such a situation neither the time nor the loved ones remain.

The same habit gets people running Facebook addictions.


6.want to be a Facebook celebrity

Many people are looking at the celebrity lifestyle and want to be a celebrity to post a picture on facebook.

this is also a reason for the addiction to Facebook.


7.Spend too much time on Facebook

If any person spending too much time on Facebook then that person is addictive if Facebook.

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