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Sumit Nagal


Sumit Nagal Wiki

Birthday  16 August 1997
Birth Place Jaitpur, Jhajjar, Haryana
Father  Name Suresh Na Gal
Mother NameKrishna Devi Na Gal
Age (in 2019) 22 Years Old
Height  178 cm
Weight69 kg
Birth SignLeo
CasteMaw Liya Jats

Come, today we will learn about his biography about a smoky player who is a young tennis player who has performed so well that his performance is astonishing to everyone, and his name is Sumit Nagal Hands up that all the world people have been shocked by their performance.

He defeated world great tennis player Rodger Federer in his first US Open match in the first set.

sumit nagal
Sumit Na Gal

Early life Of Sumit Nagal

Let’s talk about Sumit Nagal’s early life, so Sumit Nagal is originally from Haryana. But hails from Jaitpur, a village in district Jhajjar, Haryana, where he begins his life as a tennis player.

He won the 2015 Wimbledon boy’s youth title with his Vietnamese teammate Lig Hongge, beating Reilly Opelka / Akira Santillan in the final. According to records, he became the sixth Indian player to win the Junior Grand Slam title.

Sumit was born on 16 August 1997 in Jhajjar, Haryana, India, but then later his family settled in Nangloi, West Delhi. His father, whose name is Suresh Nagal, is a teacher by profession. Sumit Nagal’s father is a teacher at MCD School in Delhi.

 Sumit Nagal’s childhood

Sumit Nagal’s childhood lived in Nangloi, West Delhi until he was 10 years old. Then later he moved to Haryana for further studies, he completed his early studies at Little Angels School, Sonepat, Haryana.

But Sumit’s father was very interested in tennis, for which he left Haryana and moved to Delhi.
Among his father, Sumit was caught in a tennis racket at the age of 8 years.

His father says that because of his coming to Delhi, his son had good training in tennis so that he could make his career in tennis. So he left Delhi and came to Delhi.

According to him, tennis coaches were rarely available in Haryana. So in search of a good coach, his father would take him to many places and get him trained by a good coach, according to him, for his training,

he got his training in about half a dozen places at that time. Later, gradually Sumit’s interest also started increasing and slowly he started doing very well. Due to which his father was very happy.

According to his father, in 2010, Apollo had put up a competition, Sumit got selected in that competition.

Entry Of Mahesh Bhupati in the life of Sumit Nagal

Sumit Nagal was given the opportunity to play in the first batch of children as part of Mahesh Bhupathi’s Apollo Tires Mission 2007 program.

Later, his life began to change slowly, when he started tasting success at the same time, the entry of Mahesh Bhupathi, the most famous player of tennis, changed his life.

At the same time, Sumit took training in Mahesh Bhupathi’s academy, Sumit says that Mahesh Bhupathi is his mentor, Sumit says that since he was ten years old, he has been close to Mahesh Bhupathi,

and he took training from him, and according to him Sumit Nagal Kr Kharal was improved and improved by Mahesh Bhupathi after that Sumit’s first sponsor was also provided by Mahesh Bhupathi.

He won that match in the match of Vimaladan in 2015 and he became the 6th player to win the match.

But between 2008-2010 Nagal was based in Bangalore. A good time for Sumit was when he moved to Toronto, Canada in 2010 where he met a coach who was Bobby Mahal, who gave him a good training while he was still in Canada but at Mahesh Bhupathi’s Later, it was in 2014 when Sumit attended Schuettler Waske Tennis-University in Germany where he was coached by Argentine Mariano Delino.

At the conclusion of the program, Nagle relocated to Toronto, Canada, where he was coached by Canadian coach Bobby Mahal from 2008-2014 to become a very good tennis player because of his fully trained training.

He had several matches after 2014, most of which he was the champion, then in 2016, he was transferred to Schuettler-Vaas Tennis University in Offenbach, Germany.

 Sumit Nagal is currently living in Germany and is currently trained by Mariano Delino from Argentina. She is said to be personally managed by Mahesh Bhupathi of Globosport. Sumit Nagal received prize money in 2015 amounting to $ 153,000 (£ 125,000).



All trophies won by Nagal

It is said by Sumit Nagal that in the year 2010, Sumit got selected in Apollo Dial Talent Search Competition, then after that, he sponsored Apollo for 2 years, then immediately after that Sumit started training in Mahesh Bhupathi Academy.

He also won the tennis match at Vimaladan in 2015 in which he brought India’s name to light. Sumit has been illuminating the name of India in international tennis, which he talked to himself today in Canada Expense Germany in the last 9 years.


The journey of tennis career of Sumit Nagal

Many interviews of Sumit have shown that his father’s thinking was always different, he always wanted what he could not achieve in his life, he would fulfill his dream through his son,

so he did not want They were that of Sumit’s father, but like Sumit and the boys, his son should do the same as everyone’s sons do, his father did not want to make him a part of the crowd.

When his father took him to the tennis club to play tennis, he saw that Sumit had so much love, passion, and passion towards tennis that Sumit finally left cricket behind and the eight-year-old boy gave daily Started tennis training with his father. And two years later,

when Mahesh Bhupathi’s 201 Mission 2018’s efforts posed a major challenge for him when Banana was to be India’s first Grand Slam singles champion by 2018, which Sumit’s dream started flying.

And it is said that one of the biggest turning points in his career came when Mahesh Bhupathi came into his life. And then Sumit wanted Mahesh Bhupathi to inspect his game and from here his tennis story caught pace and he never looked back.

Then only three youngsters were selected out of the thousands of players Sumit was selected from among whom Sumit was one of the same, started from Delhi to Bangalore for Bangalore story and program and continued training under Bhupathi, so that his game always Track.

There was a time when Sumit traveled a journey, first he went from Haryana to New Delhi, then from New Delhi to Bangalore. Then travel from Bengaluru to Offenbach from Bangalore while traveling to Bangalore. Taking this journey was not an easy task,

but he worked hard to fulfill his parents’ and their dreams. Which is not a matter of everyone. But Sumit Nagal showed that he was ready to do all this, only for his love and passion for tennis. And one thing was that his coaches changed a lot in his life, but he did not stop working.

A very beautiful 2015 episode where Sumit brought up his parents ‘name by winning the boys’ doubles title at Wimbledon. Compared to the entire country and the world in 2003, Sania became the first Indian to win a junior title after Sania Mirza’s Girls Double title at Wimbledon, which was a matter of great pride for Indians.

And it was also seen that he had a very good pairing with Sumit and Lý Hoàng Nam of Vietnam, who shared a lot of partnership with each other as the pair was seeded 8th for the championship. The duo defeated fourth-seeded Real Opelka (USA) and Akira Santillan (Japan) 7-6 (7-4), 6-4.

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Role of his family members in Sumit’s tennis career

Sumit says that father has a very big hand in his tennis career if his father did not support him since his childhood, then he would not have been such a good player today or could not become one. And saw his father’s dedication anyway to play tennis.

Inspires because Sumit’s family had left Delhi to pursue Sumit’s career, which is a big sacrifice.

And Sumit is cut out that in order to give him good tennis training, his father used to take him to many such good coaches so that he can get good training.

This is how his father played a very big role in his career. Sumit says that he plays tennis for his family and country. He has always wanted to brighten his name and India’s name in tennis.

And he also says that he wants to remove the superstition from the whole world that India is good only in cricket. Because there are many sports in India other than cricket where India is very good but not everyone knows it.

His family and the entire country also say that he is only 22, and if he continues to do so, he will be the biggest tennis star to watch in the coming years.



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