Top Love Poem|Romantic Poetry|Love for 2019

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 Top Love Poem|Romantic Poetry|Love for 2019
Love Poem


Top Love Poem|Romantic Poetry|Love for  2019


you don’t know how much I love you

there is something between us

which you don’t realize that

you don’t know how much I miss you

you don’t know stupid what you are

If you go from my life for some moment 

I feel lonely without you.

when I am with you then I feel

 everything is present around me

don’t live from me so far

you  don’t know stupid what you are

I don’t expect my life  without you

when I am anywhere I feel 

you are around me

You know very well 

what I deserve from you

I can’t do anything without you

I know you love me also 

but you are hesitating to express 

this is not fair for me 

you are my life 

so don’t think too much 

please come to me and express

what I want  from you also 


Love Poem

its love from me

if you are here then you can feel me

this is the love from my heart

like an ocean where every instant thing

used to be live

you know about my love but

why you are ignoring me

this is also not fair to love to others except me

why you are doing this

please don’t do this again

because I love you stupid

feel it


there is so many people know that

I love you so much but why you are doing this

you are behaving with me like strange people

what do you feel about me you can tell with me

or if you feel then also you can tell me

that I love you



if you go from your home then I feel

very lonely

I feel fear in my heart that you are not going

from your home but from my life


please don’t go, please don’t go.


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